In a television interview broadcast by NJ Spotlight News, Richard Marlink discusses the COVID-19 vaccine. Marlink, the director of Rutgers Global Health Institute, says that people may need to be vaccinated annually and provides information about the clinical trials.

When asked about the “slow rollout” of the COVID-19 vaccination program in New Jersey, he offers perspective that draws upon his career experiences in global health, which includes working to control HIV/AIDS in the United States and in Africa.


“We can understand the emergency that’s with us, that we need to get this vaccine out as rapidly as possible and maximize its effectiveness,” Marlink says.

“But I think the roadblock is really in implementing the rollout, not in the amount of vaccine we have, which is increasing as manufacturers are making more, and it’s getting distributed to our states. Really, it’s the last mile, as we say in public health. Getting the vaccine out of the freezers and into people’s arms takes a lot of people, a lot of planning, a lot of money—so that last mile is really the tough part.”

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