Global Health Seed Grants

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Apply for a 2022 Seed Grant

Rutgers Global Health Institute awards Global Health Seed Grants to faculty conducting collaborative, interdisciplinary activities that address health inequities in New Jersey and around the world. With these grants, we aim to help faculty pursue new ideas and seed expanded research and funding.

Faculty from all Rutgers locations and academic disciplines are invited to apply for the 2022 grant cycle, which has a deadline of January 28. Five projects of up to $10,000 each will be awarded in either of the following two categories: 1) Education, Training, and Capacity Building or 2) Research. These projects must involve partnerships that directly impact the community experiencing inequity.

How to Submit a Proposal

All interested applicants should review the following information before beginning to prepare a proposal for a Global Health Seed Grant:

1) Global Health Seed Grants are administered jointly by Rutgers Global Health Institute and Rutgers Global. Visit the Rutgers Global Grants webpage for complete information related to Global Health Seed Grants, as well as all Rutgers Global Grants.

2) Instructions for the Global Health Seed Grants application process, specifically, are available here (PDF) and on the Rutgers Global Grants webpage. It is very important that applicants for the Global Health Seed Grants follow these specific instructions.

3) The online application for all Rutgers Global Grants, including Global Health Seed Grants, is accessible via this Qualtrics portal; the same portal also is accessible via the Rutgers Global Grants webpage.

Funded Projects

Because global health places a priority on health equity, rather than on geographic location, we encourage submissions aimed at addressing health disparities anywhere in the world, including Rutgers’ surrounding communities. Information about projects funded by previous Global Health Seed Grants is available at these links:

Education, Training, and Capacity Building projects

Research projects

Stories about seed grant impact



Send an email to with “Global Health Seed Grants” in the subject line.

Upcoming Opportunities

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