Promoting Health Equity Worldwide

Our Role and Responsibility

Global health is less about geography than it is about equity. All over the world and right here at home, there are tremendous disparities in access to care and in the conditions that make good health possible.

These disparities represent a complex interplay of factors, many of which exist beyond the confines of a clinic. They must be approached from many angles: cultural, economic, environmental, infrastructural, political, social, and technological. Rutgers brings tremendous depth and breadth to these areas, but the university’s role in this work goes beyond capability. In this remarkably diverse institution that is equally committed to education, research, and service, global health is a responsibility.

Rutgers Global Health Institute fosters collaboration across the university and with partners beyond Rutgers to improve the health of vulnerable populations. Locally and around the world, we promote health equity by working with communities to create and implement comprehensive, long-term solutions to pressing global health challenges.

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Applying Science Where It’s Needed Most

Applying Science Where It’s Needed Most

Research scientist Maria Laura Gennaro deploys her immunology and microbiology expertise, honed through decades of studying tuberculosis, in the world’s fight against COVID-19.

Student Council Kicks Off Its Second Year

Student Council Kicks Off Its Second Year

Energized committees, new members, and renewed commitment to global health collaboration at Rutgers were among the highlights of the Rutgers Global Health Institute Student Council meeting earlier this month.