Rutgers Awarded $5 Million NIH Grant to Improve Access to COVID-19 Testing

The New Jersey Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science at Rutgers received a $5 million NIH grant to launch outreach campaigns and expand access to COVID-19 testing for underserved and vulnerable communities in New Jersey.

Lessons in Global Health

Corey Norton, a recent graduate and service award recipient, offers insights gained from his experiences with the Rutgers chapter of Engineers Without Borders.

Case Competition
Helping Small Businesses and Nonprofits During COVID-19

Small businesses and nonprofit organizations in New Brunswick, New Jersey, can sign up now for a free COVID-19 training program to learn how to operate according to the latest public health and safety guidelines, including the protocols issued by the State of New Jersey in Executive Order No. 192.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Underserved Communities

Rutgers Global Health Institute director Richard Marlink discusses the disproportionate hardships facing low-income and minority communities in New Jersey because of the COVID-19 pandemic and why helping everyone recover is important for our state.

Student Council Kicks Off Its Second Year

Energized committees, new members, and renewed commitment to global health collaboration at Rutgers were among the highlights of the Rutgers Global Health Institute Student Council meeting earlier this month.

Applying Science Where It’s Needed Most

Research scientist Maria Laura Gennaro deploys her immunology and microbiology expertise, honed through decades of studying tuberculosis, in the world’s fight against COVID-19.

Regístrese en la Capacitación Sobre Salud y Seguridad de la COVID-19 para Pequeños Negocios y Organizaciones Sin Fines de Lucro

Los pequeños negocios y las organizaciones sin fines de lucro de New Jersey enfrentan dificultades a medida que continúa la pandemia de la COVID-19. La salud y la seguridad son una prioridad, pero puede ser agobiante entender e implementar los protocolos de salud pública, como los que exige el Estado de New Jersey en el Decreto Ejecutivo n.º 192. El Rutgers Global Health Institute ofrece una capacitación gratuita para pequeños negocios y organizaciones sin fines de lucro de New Brunswick, New Jersey, para ayudar en el camino hacia la recuperación.

Register for COVID-19 Health and Safety Training for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Small businesses and nonprofit organizations in New Jersey are struggling as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Health and safety are a priority, but it can be overwhelming to understand and implement the public health protocols, such as those required by the State of New Jersey in Executive Order No. 192. Rutgers Global Health Institute is offering free training for small businesses and nonprofits in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to help with the road to recovery.