Barbara Gladson

Barbara Gladson began her career at Rutgers as an assistant professor in the rehabilitation and movement science department in 1970. Today, she is the associate dean of academic affairs in the School of Health Professions and a professor and interim chair of the school’s interdisciplinary studies department. Gladson led the development of the Rutgers Biopharma […]

Woojin Jung

Woojin Jung’s research focuses on development aid policy as an instrument to alleviate global poverty. With her background in social welfare, public policy, and development engineering, she applies data science techniques to examine the relationship between poverty and aid in developing countries. Her recent work combines deep learning with new sources of data, such as […]

Olga Jarrín Montaner

Olga Jarrín is an assistant professor in the School of Nursing and directs the Community Health and Aging Outcomes Lab within the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research. Her independent program of research focuses on generating the evidence for home health care as an intervention to health outcomes for older adults living […]

Sneha Jacob

Sneha Jacob is an HIV specialist with a background in primary care internal medicine.  She joined the Eric B. Chandler Health Center in August 2012 as director of HIV clinical services. She provides direct care of uninsured and publicly-insured HIV patients as well as supervision of all Ryan White-funded early intervention services program activities, including quality […]

Shawna Hudson

Shawna Hudson, a medical sociologist, is a community-engaged, primary care researcher working with vulnerable populations at the intersections of community health, primary care, and specialty care. She is a mixed-methods researcher and has published extensively using both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. Her research is funded by numerous federal and foundation grants. She participates as […]

Diane Hill

Diane Hill has a profound commitment to working with and improving urban communities. Her scholarly work predominately focuses on building strong and healthy urban communities; developing models to advance community engagement in higher education, with emphasis on urban university-community partnerships; advancing health care equity and social justice; and promoting community-based participatory research on local, state, […]

Ashley Grosso

Ashley Grosso’s research in sub-Saharan Africa with female sex workers and men who have sex with men is focused on the initiation of risk factors for HIV acquisition and transmission before the age of 18. In her prior role at the Center for Public Health and Human Rights at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public […]

Lauri Goodell

Lauri Goodell’s longstanding interests are in the area of pathophysiology of blood disorders with particular focus on hematologic malignancies. For many years, she has collaborated with David Foran’s imaging laboratory to develop computer/internet-based diagnostic imaging tools that are accessible across computer platforms. She also trains physicians and lab technologists at all levels in developing diagnostic […]

Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal is the inaugural Henry Rutgers Professor of Bioethics. He founded and directs Rutgers’ Center for Population-Level Bioethics, based within the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research. Eyal’s work in global health focuses on health inequalities, health promotion, and research ethics. It engages many bioethics challenges, including healthcare rationing in resource-poor […]