Rutgers Responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Rutgers experts offer insight and advice on a range of topics related to COVID-19.

Student Council Supports Local Health Workers and Residents

A campaign led by graduate student Jack Hemphill is underway to collect, produce, and donate items that are in short supply during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rutgers Global Health Institute Student Council is responding to urgent local needs, such as PPE for health workers as well as food and personal hygiene products for community members.

Student-Produced Videos Offer Practical COVID-19 Guidance

“Masks?” and “Mental Health” are the first two videos in a COVID-19 educational series being produced by the Rutgers Global Health Institute Student Council. Leading the project—and combining her passions, medicine and the arts—is committee co-chair Laura Palm, a medical school graduate and current doctoral student at Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Growing Peppers—and Resiliency—in Puerto Rico

A partnership in Las Carolinas, Puerto Rico, is helping the volunteers of a community kitchen grow vegetables and herbs to support their efforts feeding local residents. Beyond the garden, a sense of empowerment also is blooming.

Rutgers Experts Explore Questions, Concerns Over COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

As researchers race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, two Rutgers Global Health Institute core faculty members discuss how clinical trials work, the ethics of developing and distributing a vaccine, safety and efficacy in clinical trials, and what a successful vaccine may mean.

The Real World of Global Health

The first graduates of New Jersey Medical School’s global health distinction program talk about what they’re thinking and feeling as they careen into the medical profession during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Care Lessons Learned from Other Cultures

The experience of spending two weeks in Tanzania as part of a global health educational program opened nine Rutgers students to the realities of medicine in a low-income country. A portion of the donations to Rutgers Global Health Institute during last year’s Rutgers Giving Day helped support this year’s program.

More Than Words: Communicating About a COVID-19 Vaccine

Health officials can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all message when it comes to communicating with the public about a forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine, says Professor William Hallman, an experimental psychologist who uses scientific research to explore human behavior.

Cancer Care and Prevention

An immediate priority of the Botswana-Rutgers Partnership for Health is to address the country’s urgent cancer care and prevention needs. The cancer mortality rate in Botswana is close to 75%, and many patients present with advanced disease. There are minimal prevention and support services, long delays in cancer detection and diagnosis, deficiencies in the availability of cancer medications, unreliable data registries, and severe shortages in the specialty-trained workforce.