More than ever in our lifetimes, it is clear that infectious diseases know no borders, and that “global health” affects us all.

At Rutgers Global Health Institute, we have always been engaged in both local and international global health issues. All over the world and right here in New Jersey, there are tremendous disparities in health care and in the conditions that make good health possible.

Your support will make a difference.

Donations of all sizes help us meet emerging needs in global health education, research, and service. The cumulative impact of this support can create opportunities for students to participate in the institute’s work, enable faculty to pursue new avenues of problem solving, and expand our on-the-ground efforts.

In Botswana, we are carrying out several initiatives toward our vision of creating a national, comprehensive cancer care and prevention program while also supporting the country’s response to COVID-19. This is a global pandemic that calls for a global response, and collaboration between countries will benefit us all.

New Jersey was hit hard by COVID-19, and people are struggling in many ways. Poor and minority communities are more vulnerable to many impacts of the pandemic, and there are additional barriers to their recovery. We are working closely with local partners to address the urgent needs of communities in Rutgers’ backyard.

The way to support this work is through a gift to the Rutgers Global Health Institute Program Fund. Every gift counts. Every gift is greatly appreciated. Every gift contributes to meaningful impact, locally and worldwide.