At Rutgers Global Health Institute, we view health as a matter of social justice and “global health” as a matter of equity, not geography. All over the world, and right here in New Jersey, there are tremendous disparities in access to care and in the conditions that make good health possible. Every gift to the institute supports our work to address these disparities.

To explore major gift opportunities, please contact Denise Gavala, associate vice president for development.

If you would like to make a gift today, you can choose one of the following three areas of impact:


Botswana-Rutgers Partnership for Health Fund

Since 2018, Rutgers Global Health Institute has been collaborating with leaders in the southern African nation of Botswana to address the country’s urgent cancer care and prevention needs, significant gaps in the health care workforce, and need for expanded national health care capacity. The Botswana-Rutgers Partnership for Health was established in order to advance multiple initiatives across these areas. With an overall cancer mortality rate of 75 percent, the establishment of a national, comprehensive cancer care and prevention program is an immediate priority. In 2020, the partnership’s work expanded to include supporting the country’s response to COVID-19.

Learn more about the partnership and its work, which is supported by gifts to the Botswana-Rutgers Partnership for Health Fund.


Health Equity in New Jersey Fund

Health disparities were widespread in New Jersey long before COVID-19, but low-income and minority communities are suffering disproportionately now. Pandemic-related hardships are resulting in business closures and loss of jobs, lack of access to health care, loss of housing, and food insecurity.

In response to the pandemic, we created Equitable Recovery for New Jersey’s Small Businesses, a three-part program that is providing much-needed help to small businesses and nonprofit organizations in low-income and minority communities. Minority- and women-owned businesses are facing especially dire economic circumstances. By empowering these organizations with guidance pertaining to a safe workplace, as well as access to a variety of supportive services, we are increasing their likelihood of long-term survival.

Gifts to the Health Equity in New Jersey Fund support this crucial work.


Rutgers Global Health Institute Program Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that global health problems evolve continually, and often rapidly. Your gift to the Rutgers Global Health Institute Program Fund will help us meet new and emerging needs in global health education, research, and service. This support can create opportunities for students to gain global health experience, enable faculty to pursue new avenues of problem-solving, and expand our on-the-ground efforts—both in New Jersey and worldwide.


Your support will make a difference.