In a blog post for Scientific American, David L. Levine, co-chair of Science Writers in New York, reviews the June 28 “Science Denialism, Public Policy, and Global Health” event that Rutgers Global Health Institute co-presented with New York Academy of Sciences. The evening panel discussion featured Allan Brandt, Dominique Brossard, Kelly Brownell, and Kelly Greenhill, who called upon their respective expertise in history, communications, policy, and political science. Science Friday host Ira Flatow was the moderator.

Levine, who writes that he has long been interested in science denialism, says his own interest in the event was to “hear the perspective of academics who could address the history of science denialism as well as the societal, political and financial interests at play.”

“The panelists urged the audience not to think of science denialism as a monolith, noting that people pick and choose their beliefs. For example, a person who doesn’t believe in climate change still wants his car and airplane designed by engineers with a science background,” Levine writes. “This was a fascinating discussion. You can watch it online and I hope you will.”

Read the post in Scientific American.

Rutgers Global Health Institute and New York Academy of Sciences will co-present a follow-up event, “Science Denial: Lessons and Solutions,” on November 2, 2018.