With the opening of a new Rutgers University–Camden health center at The Branches at Centerville, residents can now access free health care services and screenings without having to leave their Camden apartment complex.

The new center allows Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden faculty and students to provide physical exams, offer hearing and blood pressure screenings, and conduct classes on first aid, nutrition, and managing chronic health problems such as diabetes.

Since the Rutgers–Camden health center opened its doors in the late summer, it has helped more than 90 children receive their physical exams required to participate in sports. To date, Rutgers–Camden nursing students and faculty have delivered 450 hours of service in support of the health of the Branches community.

“We have picked up four cardiac murmurs in children, and one seizure that wasn’t documented,” said Kathie Prihoda, a Rutgers School of Nursing‒Camden clinical assistant professor. “We’re making an impact for Camden’s families.”

Some residents of the Housing Authority of the City of Camden complex are unable to access health care due to transportation challenges. Having the center located in the housing complex makes seeing a medical professional more convenient and quicker than trying to schedule an appointment at a doctor’s office.

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