Global health is about responding to inequities in health, wherever they may occur. During Rutgers Giving Days, we came together as a community to help Rutgers Global Health Institute faculty confront health disparities, locally and worldwide. Through the March 20–24 fundraising event, we raised $11,640 for the Rutgers Global Health Institute Program Fund. This fund helps us meet emerging needs in global health research and service. 

In New Jersey and around the world, there are tremendous disparities in access to care and in the conditions that make good health possible. At Rutgers Global Health Institute, our faculty are at the forefront of confronting these disparities. Their work addresses some of the most pressing global health problems: infectious diseases, cancer, undernutrition, maternal and child health, barriers to health care access, climate change, and social injustices. The knowledge and solutions they generate will strengthen our ability to respond to current and future health crises. 

Donor support enables us to expand our work to reach more people, pursue new avenues of problem solving, and deliver transformative solutions. We are committed to employing diverse methods and perspectives, and to making an impact that can be measured in terms of lives saved, diseases prevented, and communities made stronger. Together, we can create a healthier world for everyone.


Global Health Champions 

Eight volunteer champions reached out to friends, family, and colleagues in their own personal and professional networks to raise awareness and encourage others to donate to Rutgers Global Health Institute. They are John (Jack) Hemphill, Lara De Meo Hoyt, Arpita Jindani, Richard Marlink, Rohit Mukherjee, Louisa Post-Zwicker, Lori Riley, and Kim Swann.


In Case You Missed It

You can still support the Rutgers Global Health Institute Program Fund to help institute faculty confront health disparities, locally and worldwide.