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Project Title
Mosaico – Phase III Clinical Vaccine Trial to Prevent HIV Infection

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Project Overview
While the overall rates of HIV/AIDS have decreased, the risk of infections within certain populations has surged. Young men who have sex with men and transgender people, particularly those between ages 13 and 34, have a higher risk of HIV infection. While preventative medication (e.g. PrEP) can help stave off new cases, it must be taken daily as a pill. This can be a challenge for some; young African American and Latino adults, for example, may face financial issues and unstable housing, so they may not always follow a strict regimen. Mosaico is a phase III clinical vaccine trial that aims to provide HIV immunity for life via several shots. A joint venture of the National Institutes of Health, HIV Vaccine Trials Network, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Mosaico aims to enroll 3,800 participants.

New Jersey Medical School’s Clinical Research Center, a study location, hopes to recruit 50 to 100 participants from the greater Newark area. The center’s outreach relies upon community liaisons who are deeply engaged in the lives and activities of the local LGBTQ community. This helps to build genuine and trusting relationships, which is important for reducing the stigma surrounding HIV and research. The Mosaico trial efforts will test the vaccine efficacy, and participants also will receive regular medical care and HIV testing at the center. Read more >>

Project Leader
Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V.

Additional Project Personnel
Shobha Swaminathan (clinical research site leader, Rutgers); Travis Love, Jamir Tuten (community liaisons, Rutgers). See also:

Rutgers Departments and Schools/Units Involved
Clinical Research Center, New Jersey Medical School

Project Collaborators (partners external to Rutgers)
Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V. See also:

Project Location
Newark, New Jersey, USA

National Institutes of Health, HIV Vaccine Trials Network, Janssen Pharmaceuticals