Case Competition

Global Health Case Competition

Presented by Rutgers Global Health Institute, the Global Health Case Competition is a new, semester-long experience in which Rutgers students team up to design community-centered solutions to global health problems. The 2021 case competition, which runs from January 26 through April 6, is focused on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable communities in New Jersey.

Out of 98 applicants for this inaugural competition, we selected 50 undergraduate and graduate students to form eight interdisciplinary teams. The diverse group of participants represents all Rutgers locations and many different programs of study. Students pursuing degrees in a wide range of health-related fields are grouped with those enrolled in programs such as communications and information, finance, history, planning and public policy, and social work.

Each of these teams, under the guidance of a faculty mentor, is constructing a community-based solution that directly addresses one of four broad categories in the assigned case. These categories are health care access and delivery, housing and food insecurity, COVID-19 health communication, and pediatric mental health.

At a concluding event on April 6, the teams will present their solutions and compete for $1,000, $500, and $250 prizes. Rutgers Global Health Institute will help the three winning teams explore additional funding to implement their solutions in the community.


Benefits of participating

  • Broaden your knowledge via educational sessions and workshops on topics in global health, design thinking, and presentation skills
  • Network with faculty and students in diverse global health-related fields
  • Gain practical experience in addressing global health issues
  • Build your resume and receive a certificate of participation
  • Compete for prizes and opportunities to implement solutions within real communities



This event is made possible through an RBHS-IDEA Innovation Grant, and there is no cost to participating students.



The Global Health Case Competition is intended to represent a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Undergraduate and graduate students from any major or degree program, and from any Rutgers location, are eligible to participate.


Time commitment

The Global Health Case Competition requires participation in organized didactics, information gathering, and ongoing team discussions to formulate a unique, population-driven solution for the assigned case. The time commitment is approximately two to four hours per week.

Scheduled events include a kickoff, which was held on January 26, 2021, as well as the final presentations and award ceremony on April 6. Various educational sessions and workshops are offered throughout the case competition process.


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